The chain of sound threads loose self. Warmth leaves poison constituting any illusions. Nude man in despondent trauma embrace. Inflammable substance searches for in discouraged Natalie’s bowels in the abandoned depths. A flag on the pylon and victim. Her spontaneously singing of austere entreaties. Pure devotion one line ass’ with eyes covered by ears brake their necks and again the last ship is loosing to a blind hope. Just the master keeps one way. The fractured forefinger. Nataly’s bilious juice does boil on that civilisation toting crests proudly. Somewhere in gloomy corner there’s conscripted opposition and all cosmic potency to get look to self countenance. Definitive denial. Warmth the cause of respiring the world lived off its lifetime and Natalie burns her red curls.
Strain nails in green door-post. There’s concreteness taken away by a fragment of time behind the fleshy spikes. turbulent adrenaline waves hit themselves to the stone of ignominious impotence to return the determined by fathers to native hands. There’s moon suffocating the veins over the horizon. Resolution to break principle ramparts hiding an essence of conviction. To make brightness of secret face into the darkest narrows. To make zoom to a noise. A contest For the escutcheon of identity taken off. Red-hot intention is blazing in rectilinear distance. Conducting biblical apparition as justice synonym. Drowned past is a revenge for the pasts of that crowd. High concentration of hate. The heroic crucifixion ain’t an absolute satisfaction of motivation. Each way leads further. The new day’s reality prestige kept secret into contentment of inherited yearning.
Only pain does open a trickle of gate to peek beastliness, annihilation, blindness powder. Microexistence in the destructiveness and psychical woe Territory. Psychokinetic vision obliterates sentiment limits. There left just cause to turn to vast the wire trap. Stuck in To two tons flesh. Energetic potency of resolution to defend. Shouts to anon space. Lifescripture shred. The weeping doesn’t interpret anytime why is hazarding here with crippled piteousness moments. Sensiblemen shove innocence through desolation cold walls. Feet in 59 minutes dead genitals bowels where the due scourge had be survived in destructiveness and psychical woefulness territory smelling of smugness arrogance what burgled visibleness.
Living For sole purpose with substance what leaks out gets, out From view of his sight. Tossing under incapability pressure. By hate ignites the retaliation flames what make liberty light but the schemer of that fate has stronger fists. With dust of hopeless stone engines fill up vacant life written with lifeless experiments. To advance one more pace anywhere by the road of discovering pleasure and desperation merged with the excrements stink enlarges itself up by every new day - mosaic’s next little-stone hidden distress reason. Time sucks off energy cruelly. Through metal-stitches is watching the next who had succumbed to ruining ailing stereotype. Heart’s additional power is going to mobilise itself to craving escape from cold crypt. The longing for warmth of bliss always provokes to the highest physical explosion for each charge. His energy well goes to dry off but the circle is closing itself under the weight of time without mercy. It’s a shadow that never permits him to feel a solar ray.
Immediate condition. Reflection of mind. When you’ve rejected faith and distress up to the high places decomposing and falling downward the vacancy perceive the central point of your existence. Concentration of thoughts pilfers your hope calling to timegate. You’re writhing and dissolving in the neverending space. Quitting the mass of your own box. Attached by the Tie of reality with an inconceivable fear perceiving your environment dreaming and feeling the pain gripping you into the tongs of life. Confrontation. There’s a reflection your own scream into closed space that closes more and more steam of ideas and upwards this dimension. Glimpse of time and return to your room. Threw you into the actual reality whirl and tangible hate of remorse and curious thought of returning.
I confess your conscience on rainwater coldness as the protecting angel of life-box. Through eyes the gate of two worlds scoop from your inside depth To take reason, to Feel substance. An anatomy of yesterday. Bloody town most beautiful street. To find the spot to slay you. Motive is inscribed to the brain. Haven’t read. Confess yourself, sonny. Everything is settled, Everything is Known. By eternity pen the weight of your spirit subscribed to darkness of the revolutional Futurestic grasp treads. There’s fatal arm in the hands. The change object. Through eyes the gate of two worlds you perceived pain is unforgivable there’s looking For any sympathy of Forgiveness in the inside depth.
Unfamiliar stabbing insect in the handful. Leaky face as haemorrhage epicentre. Decaying knoll eerie taint rolls under the microscopic husk. Beyond the clinical torments coulisse celestial silence does combat against the vampires with fangs hewing down simple senses. Sensation pressed by chaotic fear. Vision draws sword up pathetic white gloves bar transcedental weeping. Dead rules. Disinfectant smell only and Time... dried up as trodden cockroach. Beast. In piece to schematic stencil of arithmetical agony the sharpest steel floats on outearthly delight plains. Headless oxs enraging don’t be seen behind the sloppiness borders. Just mother bleeds onto the slimy soil. Nailed as longage secular wisdom sunken by palatial legends thought sharp arrow Hurtling through darkness. Explosion. No angel do fall back to conscience.