Two beings embryo in dejection of one personality. Two faces in a mirror. Pain screams in palms. Words destruct the present. I am raking through the past. Search. I gulp the acts in the state of mind I’m going to open wrong door. And there is still easy to see the blood on her neck. Pain screams in palms and deadness on shoulders. Poisoned with the own villainy. The picture of mine has cursed me. Developer the streams flow into veins. Hate takes possession of conscience agility. Larynx has choked with pinhead. There is no way to step. Dark blue in model nervous system structure. Vision caves in nowhere. Days are going to be full of revenge illusions. I am a beast in night. Being substance fills up with deadness compact cataract.
Green little flames have laid sixties’ coldness. We haven’t eradicated rats but fatal missileheads are removed. New leaders wakened composure inside us. Ants went deep downward into the ground. The coldness is gone but the ants are still somewhere down. Though green little flames make warm human beings. In the spectacle of American dream progress microorganic vermin build clandestine empire. From the same ooze which we all know from reading our oldest blood about devastating lunacy. From the same blood that men skimmed that off from the ground in the sixties. They’ve been looked at heaven too to see a respect there. Capital pushes humanity to an apocalyptic destruction edge. Guard covenant. Deserted and lifeless shoreless orphan plains. Power of the most annihilating improvement startles in viscera of lifegifts. To trifle with life could be much treacherous.
Sunny rays cut betrayal. The scent lies in the laments hall. These rays scan the body redolent by death. Male chorales gnaw my ankles. Tunes about coldness and emptiness lick knees. The saliva gorges brain. Vacant chambers. Perhaps lechery, but lowliness also could be there. Something sucks the last ganglions out of my structure. You shall get no answers nevermore. I don’t want understand you’re asleep already. Blindman says you have been touching to delights. Filthy affection. Strange human body’s warmth. These are the omens of satanic orgies. With bound hands together we celebrate the God.
There is siting an old saint in the embrace of blessed truth, a few hundred treads level aloft, beyond decennial cobweb, in deepness of the biggest labyrinth. In eyes cataract of hate. Censor. Hateful events must be buried underneath thirsty wells level. Reincarnation is a sweat trickle on heretic’s temples cheesed off. Angel has lent devil’s form and assigned himself under the vocables. Librarian is locking up the reading-room. Everybody love him. God is clean.
The first snow coldness is felt underneath humid vaults. Gathered martyrs read aurum from the saint brothers’ bodies. Just they broke torches above innovators. Way of bloodless redemption. Loveliness panegyrists. Fathered in the same bosom. However they don’t feel the identical light-spectrum. The fathers, stuffed themselves with pride, sated with gluttony of selves glory, can’t see beyond paradise portals already. There is yellow clay and blood beneath finger-nails. As the pain hasn’t been enough. In candlelight luminous I close myself to macabre tower again. Candlewick-lightning uncover my chest and fear gulp daredevilry. But next blind head is decapitated, another knees are scrunched. Throng maffick all around. This tragedy is lined with saintly river’s stones-in-tons. So why we don’t go tell them truth! I gulp snow coldness. Thinking about our fathers’ oration. Know, must find out any way to break the curtain.
After each night arrives another day. The experience, which sweat was drying up right now on the maiden complexion, turns from divine liquid to the shackles, William wrote to his anthologies about. After the executing process, the new fire blaze up. How to tied up young soul’ Earth does advise hardly. To escape from entity of celibate but in the same breath to derive a wisdom from well in the convent. Each one air-quiver brings her hormonal odour. The damp in bosom. Heaven is giving itself to me. O-o-o god, I prefer the back of coin!
Massacre in underground. On beautiful shiny day. A Hugo’s roman on the backboard. Passengers do their habits. Year 1973 in unknown landscape or 1999 two months aback eastern of mother. Savants follow the technical reasons. They assemble limbs to test a momentum. Wild butterfly is turned to fat ugly human being. He does dejection of my freedom. Brain convulsion. He’s programmed to prevent an accident. World does see him like this. Guide the ship. Brain convulsion. Guide the ship. Ahead ... as far the end being.
RESTITUTIO IN INTEGRUM (Nightfall Condition)
Night is falling down. Disgusting wooden rat-trap. Intelligent whitebreads image an apocalypse. Posthumus hell spectre impresses a rood to the palm more rigidly. You’re accepting the Messiah’s light. Message of fondness and different globe knowledge. Night is falling down. Little human being in the fat monk is undermining belfry again. Refuse gate should stay ajar. For a thousandth sin of him, he’s able to cast out the authority of commandment. After thousands repetitions got identify purgatory is a Satan’s auction. Night is falling down. He’s infiltrating fathers’ skilfulness in earthy unearthly garden. The love jag was showed him to a few moments the charge for the service to master. He see fornicating genitors on the garret. They’re the justice. They’ll stick the dagger to brother’s heart.
The fact angel behind tree in commonplace pleasure bark. Narcotic substance’s gown. Moist palm of content. Something on surface. A contact with another world will burn the written dirt. To search power of conviction in the mud elicited up truth-depth. Eyes on wrinkly nails points. Steel in heart beneath the graceful rider’s skin by the road without lighting moon. Red-hot gun’s kiss is cutting itself into the chest of appeased. Unbecoming quiet aversion to yield to the believers being believing to blunt self-indulgence. Reconciling is the delight’s prison. To discover the evolution way. The habitual shoulders are decided to dissect up a conjecture body. To fuse up all cells. Exceed fondness beyond horizon of the condemnation.