Living corpse. Bald body covered by the scaps. In the eyes can see life, also pain, sadness... Sweet decaying smell spreading out around its dirty brown scabs growing to the scars. Hot on touching as exactly roasted flesh. Expressive rosy-spots on the sight distincted like scald`s marks zigzaging by small mouth, throat, bosom, abdomen and slimfinger legs. Unnatural big ears looking by consequence of dieing away like somebody gnawed its. Monster refined by human race. Don`t prove to receive natural food. Therefore by refine remain its a few feeble teeth can easily fracture on the contact with some rigider. Why exist the animal sentenced to tyranny? For contentment the longing of acknowledgement, admiration and financial profit. Neurotics bearing by selfcomplex!
Like wax flowing down by candle Form new face, a vermit New organism living in her interior. Closed into bubble of his own world. Intact virgin wanderer has begun your way in dark. Don`t guess yet that he`ll not achieve promised light tossing into the entrails of crowe mother. Undersirable product of human light-mindedness. Now it`s time for destruction his refuge. Glossy chill killing instrument degrade mother`s womb shuttering his shell and he is running in front the noose. What a pity that he cannot understand it.
A glance of empty eyes. Dark dove colour without way out is chaining the last hopes. Determination, passion. Long ago forgotten sensations bartered for dependence. Testament sealed by first dose. Find yourself in corner of cage. Fingers deeply impressed into skull. Persecuting last own thoughts. A hopeless let limbs lose force. The existence in time and space toss your mind to extremal hight of insanity. Don`t prove not seeing. Don`t wanna hearing the wailing of past enslaves Body slowly accustom indignatly. Inside is kept in prison by emptiness. Each releasing trial will be painfuler.
Little human child begotten in the intoxicating darkness night. Thrown to the world without common consciousness of piteous, mentally crippled parents. Innocent sight through transparent partition of incubator bring my heart to deadly convulsions. Crack baby. Incomprehension ache of world. There`s finded himself here! Little skinny body blowed death coldness. Deformed nervous system. Wretched power of immunity. Ache submerged into hopeless tears. Piteous human creaure with disgusting fate. Soul suffocated by death dust borrowing over the way of indeference. And there`s the lovely world of illusions highly over here, a crack baby `s godfather.
Needn`t your cruel victims, saturated blood and cereal presents. Don`t wanna next mortal orgies. Can`t tolerate the inquity of celebrating mass. Your forefathers had conceived not at all what I instructed theirs. Confessionary solving is stupid gesture of preacher. My soul hate your feasts. It`s the weight for me. Your forefathers had conceived not at all what I instructed theirs. Therefore, if you`re spreading your hands i cover my eyes, if you`re multiplying the prayer I hearen`t you. My concepton of paradise`s errecton on the earth s uralized in regard to not going out. Human longing for might and luxury.
Piece of useless mass rolling into dust. Inferior stuff with inanimate. Entreaty in eyes. Use for sole aim which time long ago came. Only here found conviction. Not guilty skin. Felt burning liquid and now wait for death. Human scant is dangerous. Cruelty with rubber`s glove. They possessed right, on conviction. Inflamation of eye`s nerves. Biology waste wait for death. In the darkned stock are another cases. Tomorrow... Cold metal hooks draiwing loung. Only moaning overlouded quite. They possessed right, on conviction. At worth of death behind the wall the place where change substence of life.