As the last life awakening, so I’m starting the navigation now. Destination, the place they sweep myself downward from heaven like the fertility icon. Annual observance. Go for the obligations with clean mind. Something gives energy to my family, but not only. There they’re making torch burn where I belong. Even not realizing this is the sense I’m going to terminate myself on the bloody field. This seems to be the longest journey but take just thousandth of the last. The terrified breath taking the acrid air. I can’t see why I’ve been landed myself in such oily obscure armful. Me, who was born to become an icon of happy folks. What they’ll do after I say it’ What’s the way to give them a signal I’m not angry for them’ Young and old should come to me.
Stick a dagger into the dissenter’s chest before the day of reckoning is the fatal mistake. Muddily bustles in open field with supposition of our existence is confinement into a cage. Although wise books write about reviving medicine, to asseverate never feel disgusting flavour. How a tramway in orphan devastated town-center, the leaders route you mindlessly by their rails. In mass psychosis yell admiring ovation at nobody. His wax face has been hardened just yesterday. Behaviour has to have the spirit! Shepherds casting about surrounding skyscrapers should capture just those sheeps.
I wanna begin in my blood’s calm level. The story has making itself this way. Just be careful, don’t ladle out of the history septic waves. Why nobody gives me sweetness’ Why the love does tyranny on me? Completely fooled with spherical voodoo. The pussy has placed quite high dangerously. So I like to watch her there. The trip that don’t wanna miss. Why nobody gives me sweetness? Why the love does tyranny on me? My blood is boiling now. Magma mutiny. I’d eat up my brain. To undo the law to live. Can’t think that way. Should do otherwise. Why nobody gives me sweetness? Why the love does tyranny on me? I shall stand there skinny in manacles. Don’t beg. Stand still.
The serious gentlemen mean to retrace your destruction. Also wrath is being in this situation. Time has been filled with sacrifice and reconciliation when you raised the request to repair the fractured body. The wrath decomposes the condition just there. The secret agent penetrating into health-inducing moment to make you loyal as a drug opening gate of dream world. Skin is too scanty. Disillusionment, what a vision give your eyes making you confused. There, the closest men represent the most repulsive merd that should be damned. After the exodus in forties all hoped a cicatrising the scar, which neighbourly hate mucus flows out. The secret agent penetrates into human moods and dominates our tenders love and fear. And now in mother’s care, you’re licking joined fragments. Glad definitive appointment already acquainted to you. Became warmed to pleasure. Immediately the acerbity torrent as water flow of fire-fighting system. An additive steering consciousness in to despondency. Your role is to fight hopelessly with this merd. Changed into the vortex rending the footings in your spiritual life. The wrath destroys single rung of the ladder you may use to get yourself out of it.
Every time I make that passing through my sense I’m feeling myself leaving my image. A scene gonna rouse inside of my body. I leave my image when it goes again through my sense. A vision awakes inside of my body. Don’t try to understand it. Can’t feel my size. More that human such as superman. Uncaughted. I’m saying it deliberately. Don’t try to understand it. Just what I want is to go away. This message makes your curiosity smothered. My leave is full of a hate against you. There are thoughts in the books but do not work. Life is we two. You screw me to make the noose. I am magnanimious. The one that forgives. Do not have the power to erase you from my mind. The way leads streight only. Should go.
The stork has no chance to fly over the field. Civilisative fatality has bite into his trotters. And here’re folks gonna pray. In turbid eyes full of ammonia view of burning hate. To preach a calmness in metal atmosphere and use the heaven icons wheedling the unconscious. This is the civilisation we made born. We’ve the forwardness to pray full of hope. For whom’ For those we killed. Stockrooms in depths. We stockpile conscience there. To preach a liberty. That’s the image. Next bombs. have to be cast down to make falling wreckage’s scratch drowning the small flock, which lifts sights up to heavy cloud. That uncomplicated being can’t reach his ordinary line target.
Two days tyranny. While man demonstrate his strength. Cowardly face vested in cloak with a weapon in hand. The father who had opens the gate that I may see my home easily. Now he’s shooting a lead in to my back. As it were not enough he had broke all my legs. I’m waiting on the knees. There is read his joy in burning lead. I was assumed with love in to the kith six moths ago. Now thrown down the fence. Disbelieving to my strapped mind. This is the resuscitation in to innocence. The fidgets are increasing. Virginity comes. Confusion in eyes. There, the image screams, "kill that soul!" Human steps. That tyrant’s children. Sentient the virtue, I’m not able to bare fangs. There’s repentance in face with pain in body. Knocked about by man-malice but reliant on human aid. Deadly syringe. I’m ready to die. Should have dead while the projectiles coming into myself. Those open fractures, broken ribs scream these two days.
Just tell me what is a difference between be loving and drug using’ I wanna listen in on your intimate desires. Ready to serve to you. Be obsequious. Just tell me what is a difference: the suffering in face, virus in soul? Even though this torture, I’m standing in face of you, offering my body proudly. Notwithstanding the fatal disbeliefs. Because of this is how to persuade. I wanna listen in on your intimate desires. Ready to serve to you. Be obsequious. So I am opening my mind for you. Ignorance of discreet digital data. To take a dress of your separateness. Can’t make up my sham face, show mask. Really, my whish is nothing else but, be lying here in you, serve just you.
Candle can’t pray, but may siginify the vow preparation. Therefore the candle means so much in human’s life. Means a reflection of light has been entered in to our world darkness. It reminds our life which caducity is fading in time eternity. I set the candle on fire, it’s becoming a light. Let the light become a fire burning up a pride, egoism and dirt. I can spend just a bit of my time in the life temple, but a piece of mine stays here with the burning light. Alight candle before me. A small fire once, a big one some other time. The candle gives light and warmth. Wax melting down slowly and flow down the slender body. Spilling arms embrace surroundings and stiffening. Still stay rooted in the soil of life. Its majestic height is loosing and going out without any chance to set other candle on fire. The light missed in the infinity and all her wishes have changed to prayers.