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This interview, taken from www.newempire.com , is made by Evan M. South, April 2001
1. How would you compare your new album "Fundamentum Divisionis" to your last album "Spectaclebreakers"?

mir Colon: I feel the "Fundamentum Divisionis" deeper than the one before. It's deeper because of the themes are expressed deeply and going downward to the core. I tried to take the faces of all of the betrayal, disgrace, jealousy up to my face to make myself full of these feelings. You know, to get me on the edge to show the ooze pushing the men doing the obscure deeds.

K-head: "Fundamentum Divisionis" is more transparent as any previous releases of KIFOTH. We have used only sampling in past. It means samples of noises and sounds. But now we mainly use synthesisers and sampling of voices, noises and drums only. These things make the sound lighter like the Spectaclebreakers, but more compact too. The atmosphere, we have achieved with dark distorted vocals.

mir Colon: Of coarse that the musical performing is well done caused mainly of the new technology getting us closer to the top of the electronic scene. We are more open than ever before. So there is a lot of opportunities to enclose any elements being outside of KIFOTH-existence like the female backing vocals.

2. There are many samples from "The Matrix" on this album. What is the special meaning the movie holds that you include so many samples?

K-head: "The Matrix" talks about a false reality. I think it's truthful image of our current being. Now, in the time of corruption and globalization, we see in medias only the reality projection. The faithful reality is hidden in the background of politics, leaders and big corporations.Everybody says that everything is much clear like before, each one has full mouth of a better world, but where is the waste? Where is the dustheap of all the things which are wrong?

mir Colon: I take the movie like a very progressive and cyberpunk set. There is a big message growing up to you from many sights. The original message, the core, is still performing the information. The data is a living very little organism, the cell changing self figure all the time you are trying to decode it. And I see the "Fundamentum Divisionis" very similar. So complicated structure being in the tracks scheme full of little tempers supporting the base, the speech about human villainy, the unlimited ugliness.

3. The new album maintains the slow pace that you had on "Spectaclebreakers", with only one fast song "The Query". Why does KIFOTH prefer slower songs?

mir Colon: That's the way to force the listeners feel the power of the sounds, not just to be pressed by the rhythm. To affect their minds with the messages we written down.The reason that KIFOTH does exist is to perform our thoughts, present the opinions turned to sensations. We do not understand us as musicians doing just songs for radios but are a kind of sounds performing artists having any visions.

K-head: Each track represents my feeling. I'm looking round myself taking an inspiration. My tracks are a mirror of the world behind my eyes. I have a feeling, a story and you can listen the projection of the world through the filter in my inside. I don't care about the tempo. I start composing the song and everything comes by self, melodies, rhythms, samples, tempo.

4. You sent me advanced artwork of the back of the new album including an equipment list, but the new cd does not have any of this. Was the artwork and layout changed?

mir Colon: Please, understand, we have signed a contract with Out Of Line Records. We are the music performers and they do business. The artwork I have sent to you was constructed by my own design studio, the "mirCo Laboratory" which represents a graphic proposal of the group following our agreement with the Out Of Line. Their graphics studio had have to do the same and after we both had prepared the artwork the label have been decided to use one of them.

K-head: This event is in accordance with the agreement.

5. Will you be touring this year for your new album or playing any large festivals?

K-head: The tour is expensive case. Everything depends on the Out Of Line. If the new CD will have a good sale and fans will want the concerts, it might be possible to tour some land.

mir Colon: For now, only the following dates: the beginning of June, the Wave-Gothic fest, concerts in Slovakia (we guess to make a video-recording for our fans haven?t any possibilities go into the concerts), hope to visit Prague again, other Czech places too.

6. Will any of the original material from your "Ebola" release ever see the light of day? It has been a very long time now...

mirColon: You are right, it is a quite long time. But it is not just a question of time, also quality of that production. In point of a retrospect is a good idea to release the album. We are still in contact with VUZ Records regarding the CD release, but no concrete date fixed yet. I think it will be released once (in two years ...) but it must be taken as the retrospect, the flashback to the birth of the KIFOTH.

7. What is next for KIFOTH? Are you working on new material, remixes, etc?

mir Colon: Right now is the time for live performance preparing. We mix tracks to the live versions, want use tracks from both CD albums, maybe from the Ebola too. It is quite hard job because we have to get together with some our cooperators from the past era of Spectaclebreakers, The Ebola epoch too, to switch on all of the equipment together.

K-head: We try to make one body from the music and the stage image. I join for it cause I think it will be one of the best KIFOTH performances.

mir Colon: In point of the KIFOTH?s future steps, we are testing another software now.

8.Final thoughts/comments?

mir Colon: Please, support us, we have to convince the world that is profitable to let us presenting our thoughts. We could have different visions but necessary point is the positive progress for complex future.
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