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This interview is made by Peter Rybar @ Aliens Production for Alien , the WEB magazine, November 2001
1. This isn't the first time confessing you for Aliens Prod. mark. So, what do you have changed since our last interview?

mir Colon: Just after reading your question I've perceived that the time is unbelievably temporal dimension of human being. It has changed too many things round myself. It might be said I collapsed under the weight of those things. I understood that a circular line, which centre signify our planned happy future, doesn't represent a way of life of each man. As the black belongs to the white inseparably, so our living space is filled up with the successes but the falls too. And we make steps by the way of life the ellipse, which line is closer to the success for once, but the other once near to the second mention point.Regarding KIFOTH. We finished another phase, the Fundamentum Divisionis era. And after a longer time of finding ourselves in the mirror of life, we have assured continuing evolution the fantasy named KIFOTH.

2. mir Colon had a difficult car crash. Is it everything all right?

mir Colon: It is impossible to say: Everything is all right. All of us remember well the first speeches, a world will not be the same, after the attempts in NY and Washington on September this year. Therefore also me, I can just think about the thought that everything is all right now. But I know one very responsibly, many thinks have changed. You know, every shocking experience makes solidification to our muscles. I got hard spasmolitics after the collapse caused by the situation, the moments before, but mostly the horrible endless and solitude in darkness after that happened. Fortunately there's no chronic consequence on the physical side of mine after the incident, but I can't estimate where could I get myself on the way of human substance knowledge. Really, I don't. I feel that the things go well round me now and think this is the most important moment I hold on.

3. Does that event affect somehow a promotion of the new album?

Of coarse, the fact has crippled us. But I see KIFOTH back on stage soon.

4. Fundamentum Divisionis has been released on spring 2001. I have to state the music is able to rival the world EBM big names. Think, the sound is much darker and more aggressive. What is an inspiration for making this set-piece?

mir Colon: At first, it was determined target, no copying our previous work. As my mind moves deeper into the sphere of themes I'm interesting for, also the KIFOTH's elocution has to have move forward. K-head and me, we are the people which don't influence ourselves during the composing. But just late on, there is an endeavour to fuse our personal visions into one set.Andan inspiration. ... The inspiration of mine represents the relationship between humanity and surround, between nations, cultures, also relation of community to each tribesman.

5. I confess I've heard just a little about the new album. How do you satisfied with this CD promotion and the OUT OF LINE work?

K-head: Out of Line is a label like each other. They do everything for profit. How they do that? We don't care. It's not our thing.If I can say something about the promo and advertisement of Fundamentum Divisionis, so I say they do that wrong way. My idea about cooperation between us and the label is different, but Out Of Line has no interest about it. That's all about the cooperation

6.How do go side-projects?

K-head: Id like to record some Mindscape, because I've prepared already a good material, but I dont know for whom. One problem is that I havent enough time, cause the material is recorded already, but I miss some samples and voice there.Second problem is with label and distribution. I see that during the X-mass I have to prepare it by self. It will be one year on this December since I recorded that matter with Trebor from Last Influence Of Brain, but I see that he has no interest too. I have to prepare some copies and sale through the Internet. And what's next ? I really dont know

7. What we might find on your WEB site? The portal has been after some graphic changes. Tell us more about.

mir Colon: Unfortunately, the updating the KIFOTH's site is stopped for a while because of just the mirCoLAB graphics studio, which belongs to me, administrate the sites. But after my definitive recovery, we'll publish all the information we owe to our fans. There's a graphic reconstruction on the WEB space and you can find there the Fundamentum Divisionis textures. I think we have to change the general relation to this medium. I get myself a target to act more flexible up to now in this space.

8. You have kept your eyes into the electro-culture evolution for a long time certainly. How do you feel the scene? Can you tell us your opinion of today electro-industrial hapenning?

mir Colon: From my point of view the electro-culture becomes splitting to German electro and the rest world. I've a feeling the German scene is absorbing by the middle current of the electro-music. I'm sure that many megasuccessful German DJ's have spent their youth with the classic EBM scene of nineties. As example, Mr. Talla 2XLC.But for me, the highest price is the Canadian production .

9.Something in conclusion?

mir Colon: Thank you all for interest to life of me, K-head, but especially the KIFOTH existence.
                           Copyright by KIFOTH