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Interview made by Jan Krumphanzl for WEB magazine BIO Gallery , October 2003
BIO-Gallery: What's the group that made biggest influence on you? Your favourite group.

K-head: There was Depeche Mode in 1986, Front 242 in 1989 and now plenty of artists. Basically, I'm openned to get everything into my ears.

mir Colon: It was Skinny Puppy. Just the experience I tripped during the Last Rights album made me as delighted as I've gainned power to confront myself against my face. That time the CD was just released. The year 1992, my spirit has been shapping. Just then I identified my ability to reproduce outwards my inside perception.Skinny Puppy is the dose which doesn't enslave body chemically, but getting absolute elation feeling into the body. I don't concentrate just for mind intentionally.

BIO-Gallery: Can you mention a performance you most value? Why?

K-head: Wave Gothik Treffen - KIFOTH's both performances. In my opinion it's unsual festival. You can see and/or hear the best of EBM and Dark Wave. There's perfect audience and human familiarity. I highly appreciate that we were part of the festival. Also I'm glad to had the option to figure in the same programme together with groups that represents my ideals. The festival's background is very beautiful too, the parties, backstage and nice talk with other actors, fans.

mir Colon: In KIFOTH, I see my role to realise thoughts. In our economic-geographic region it's not easy to do it. An alternative demonstration is unsupported for ever minimal. Therefore it's hard to realize all the thoughts on time order so they stay actual. This knowledge makes me full with content bliss always I have the option to oblidge to my role. And that's the point of gratitude after each concert. Even however will to highlight any concert, I can't. I see specialty of the sole gig, performance in home-land, which we've made just a few and the places where KIFOTH plays regularly due to the extemptionality.KIFOTH has celebrated 10th anniversary this spring. I'd like to thank for the chance to initiate next being in the home-land Trnava, where we met rare reborn audience.

BIO-Gallery: What's KIFOTH's future plan?

mir Colon: New CD album preparation. The technology stock is stabilised finally. Fundamental set is ready. I see myself in idle condition, so it's good to advantage to take mood to define my face's character. New album, let's say THE ACERBITY TORRENT, concerns of human entity and civilisative principles as well the civilisation's way to doom.

K-head & mir Colon: Musical side, the album shall be diverse, miscellaneous from all albums we've made. Utterance is very open because of the specific atmosphere of current age creates immense resources where we're flouncing by hopeless once, some other time being forced by elated toil to fullfil our dreaming. It's a warm beauty and selfdestruction together.

BIO-Gallery: Final thought.

K-head & mir Colon: Any electric impulse means to move your entity by original course.

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